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Smart Cities are catalyzing energy production and distribution technologies. High-quality software is key to success.

Smart Cities are catalyzing energy production and distribution technologies. High-quality software is key to success.

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The Power to Improve Generation & Transmission of Energy

From early integration to mission-critical operations, software testing within the Energy & Utilities industry is a vital cog in the success of every energy company. Software testing is used for controlling and channelizing this precious resource to a range of consumers, including industries and individuals. Testing and QA tools ensure the quality of the digital systems and help applications achieve speed, scalability, and stability.


Digitization of The Energy Sector for a Brighter Future

Today the energy sector is seeing a huge step in the right direction. The convergence of software, big data, analytics and the growth in renewables is revolutionizing energy systems. Our digitally enabled services within this industry allow the opportunity for improved savings and far greater efficiency.


Security and Compliance are Paramount to Power Supply

As one of the most regulated industries on the planet, the energy sector has to constantly remain in compliance with strategies that are both, robust and agile. This is why we have in place management systems that constantly ensure due diligence and help customers keep pace with demand through internal innovation as well as growing and diversifying supply chains.

your benefits

Reduced automation costs
Improved data and network security through state-of-the-art tools and techniques
Dedicated testing center of excellence (TCoE)
Accelerate digital transformation through an improved CI/CD pipeline
Reduce testing costs through the right quality engineering techniques

Our Solutions

Functional testing

Build unbroken and robust product experiences enabled by continuous functional testing, efficient quality engineering processes, and automated infrastructure.

Test Automation

Accelerate product delivery, gain momentum with effective Test Automation solutions

Performance engineering

Continuous performance test engineering for assuring speed, scalability, stability, and responsiveness of your applications under stress-tested workloads from Day 1.


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Calculate your ROI in Test Automation

This Test Automation ROI calculator makes it possible for you to ascertain the productivity, cost-outcomes, and financial gains of any intervention in less than 2 minutes!

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