Continuous Testing In DevOps

Evaluate The Software Quality At Every Step Of The Continuous Delivery Process By Testing Early And Testing Often

Continuous Testing In DevOps

Every application is built uniquely to serve a unique purpose. It should meet end-user requirements without any lags or downtime. Application developers have always relied on testing to confirm the accuracy of the applications and how well it fits into user expectations. The conventional testing methods have proven very rigid and unfriendly. In the past, A project used to have definite Development and QA phases. The development and deployment process was rigid, making any revisions and feature additions time-consuming. IT Companies still suffer from this problem and need to upgrade their testing capabilities for better and more accurate results.

Continuous testing in DevOps allows you to test more often, removing the constraints of manual tests. Continuous testing enables automated tests to be carried out at regular intervals while keeping track of the changes in the code. These tests intend to drive faster feedback on recent changes pushed to the code repository.

Continuous testing in DevOps by Qualizeal makes it possible to maintain a desired level of quality in a service or product. QualiZeal’s advisory and transformation services aim to deliver consistent results through a standardized set of procedures. It ensures that the application meets all the requirements before it is released.

QualiZeal integrates the advantage of DevOps into your software release process, ensuring a High-Quality Software Release

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Our team leverages modern tools and solutions to automate your testing process. We provide a continuous testing platform to accelerate application testing and keep the development in pace with Agile and DevOps. We minimize business risks by identifying and resolving all the troubles or issues that appear during any development phase.



Automation Testing

We use the latest automation tools compatible with your testing platform. We ensure that the test results are fast and accurate with detailed information on the application’s functionality, usability, and consistency.


Test Automation Suite

We provide a suitable test automation suite through which we execute software test cases and compare the actual results with the expected or predicted outcomes.


Test Automation Frameworks

We deploy a set of rules and tools to build test cases. Test automation frameworks reduce the cost of testing and improve efficiency with minimal manual interference.


Compliance Review

We also set compliance reviews as a part of the testing process. It helps us ensure that the application adheres to the regulations set by governing authorities.

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how we can help you?

We include test cases in every stage of the CI/CD pipeline. We create a continuous testing platform to test all the steps automatically, including code commit, provisioning, deployment, and everything in between. Our team also ensures that instant feedback is provided to developers making sure that the bugs or any issues will be fixed before the product is rolled out in the market.


Lower Operational Expenditure

We create a planned & methodological continuous testing plan depending on your specific requirements and end-goals that benefit your business. Continuous testing in DevOps significantly reduces the expenses of testing and bug fixing without compromising the product quality.


Faster Market Time

Our Continuous testing in DevOps and Quality Engineering practices fills in the disconnect between testing and development teams. Both teams can work together in a simulated environment and create better products faster.


Shortening and Amplifying the Feedback Loop

We make feedback available instantly by integrating functional and regression test cases into the build pipeline. Instant feedback provides valuable and immediate insights that benefit the application development teams.


Maximum Test Coverage

CI/CD Pipeline Automation Testing is incorporated right from the earliest stage of development. This allows us to start detecting bugs as early as possible, leaving no room for backtracks and last-minute iterations when you are close to product launch.

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QualiZeal offers continuous testing in DevOps for your existing SDLC. We cover agile and DevOps on traditional and custom testing models. We ensure that you gain the best out of a continuous testing environment, which is beneficial for your application.

CI/CD Approach

The CI/CD pipeline combines a series of tools to deliver high-quality applications under faster timelines. The pipeline is fully automated with no chances of human errors.

Superior Quality Engineering Implementation

We bring our advanced quality engineering practices with continuous testing. We thrive on delivering the most superior version of the application.

Parallel Development and Testing

You can speed up your development timelines with multiple developments and testing teams working together and fixing the issues in real-time.

Infrastructure Reduction

Remove the issues with third-party tools and manual testing redundancies and cut down on your internal infrastructure needs by adding automated continuous testing in development practices.

The Process

To create immersive digital products and give our customers top-notch services, QualiZeal makes use of high-value business procedures and technology. Our shift-left mentality informed the architecture of our product development process, eliminating possible issues early in the lifecycle of the product. You may rely on us for professional advice, quick prototyping services, quicker delivery times, faster throughput, and improved accountability.


A continuous testing plan determines the vital steps for the results expected by the product development team and leadership. We choose tools and activities and identify targeted devices to understand if client expectations would translate to the end product.

Test Environment Set-up

We create a test environment that helps dev teams validate the functionality and impact of continuous testing. A virtual environment also helps in performing elaborate tests.

Test Data Management

We keep the right data for positive and negative scenarios. This data is diverse to provide different test cases and ensures the highest level of confidence.


We share reports of continuous testing with insights collected from each stage of development. We also share a plan for the next development phase and how the results can be improved.

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Qualizeal assists it’s partner firms in integrating their native thinking into the digital medium by harnessing technology as an enabler to accelerate transformational engagements and leverage mainstream technologies with our AI-based solutions.

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