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Speed and quality is the mainstay of serving the healthcare community. The industry has taken a huge leap through accelerated innovation and digital transformation across all business functions. Resulting in the creation of new software applications and the modernization of legacy systems. The need for quality assurance and testing has increased due to stringent regulatory emphasis on product and service quality.

Software Testing and Quality Engineering for Healthcare Providers, and their Verticals

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Software Validation

Across all healthcare products, services and apps, the software has to run like a well-oiled engine. It needs to be functional at all times to deliver zero-defect performance throughout its life cycle. We undertake software testing through Quality Assurance to ensure that the implementation and the execution of the software are flawless at the highest level through every required parameter.


Medical Interoperability

Medical devices and applications need to interoperate to deliver the best user experience. The sector has a huge demand for interoperability, regulatory compliance, security, and data privacy. We create solutions and rigorous testing protocols to make sure that the innovation around IoT and smart devices, all software control and applications integrate seamlessly.


Payer Test Compliance

Healthcare payers face many challenges through increased costs, healthcare reforms, regulatory mandates, ever-changing technologies and even fraud. These companies need to rapidly upgrade and test their technology capabilities to support much more agile business processes. Our solutions powered by quality solution accelerators and analytics-driven optimization can reduce cost, improve testing quality, ensure compliance, and slash speed to market.

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Secure patient data through advanced cybersecurity measures
Improved efficiency and accuracy without additional expenses
Uninterrupted continuity with advanced backup methods
Pre-compliant framework and methodologies industry-wide regulations and standards

Our Solutions

Cloud migration testing

Comprehensive testing services across cloud migration lifecycle from cloud readiness to customer, business, data assurance.

Performance engineering

Continuous performance test engineering for assuring speed, scalability, stability, and responsiveness of your applications under stress-tested workloads from Day 1.

Functional testing

Build unbroken and robust product experiences enabled by continuous functional testing, efficient quality engineering processes, and automated infrastructure.

Continuous testing in DevOps

Automate the validation & testing of your DevOps pipeline with QualiZeal’s state-of-the-art services.


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