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What would you do if an API, microservice, or third-party tool is missing during testing or if you have limited production-like test data in your integration environments? It is a well-known fact that most delays occur during the testing phase of SDLC because most of the code that is written and tested depends on additional resources that are often not in the control of the developer or the tester. Agile and DevOps accelerate testing and create better coordination between testing and development teams. However, the prospects become limited due to one constraint of dependent components. These components are the additional tools and resources developers leverage to write test scripts and develop services that can lead to faster releases. 

QualiZeal’s virtualization services help organizations implement continuous testing practices by providing continuous access to simulated test environments. We simulate dependent services that are out of your control for testing by creating stable and predictable test environments. Our service virtualization expertise enables your DevOps team to leverage virtual services for frequent and comprehensive testing even when system architecture lacks vital components. 

Qualizeal easily removes dependencies and constraints across your development process and helps you gain a competitive advantage by eliminating redundancies.

what we do

Whether you need support for your existing in-house service virtualization capability or leverage the right vendor partnerships, QualiZeal provides the right capabilities and expertise. Our enterprise-wide Service Virtualization Adoption Strategy encourages teams to engage in parallel development tasks. As a result, companies deliver faster delivery, lower costs, and higher quality in their applications.



On Premise Virtualization

On-premise service virtualization empowers you to define your hardware and choose between managing your services in-house.


Test Automation

We use service virtualization to enable your automation to run in parallel with software development. It reduces test execution times by 90% making software delivery faster.


Microservice Development

Our team develops microservices based on your unique requests and growth plans. Service virtualization ensures that your development team’s progress will not be hindered due to dependencies.


API Testing

Our team conducts API tests using service virtualization to validate the functionality and behavior of interfaces through automated requests.


Cloud Based Virtualization

Cloud-based virtualization offers maximum speed, flexibility, and affordability.

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how we can help you?

QualiZeal’s virtualization services eliminate the waiting time of the traditional SDLC approach. Our solutions help testing and development teams work in tandem in a simulated environment. Our end-to-end virtualization services eliminate the limitations of limited, accurate data availability and live services in your test environment.


Lower Operational Expenditure

We create a planned & methodological service virtualization methodology depending on your specific requirements. It significantly reduces the test environment setup and configuration time. These added benefits result in less expenditure without making you compromise on the product quality.


Faster Market Time

Service virtualization removes the constraints of limited contacts between testing and development teams. Both can work in sync in the simulated environment and deliver products faster.


Service Verification with Accurate Data

Our service virtualization tools extract accurate data that seems appropriate for a certain test environment. It helps in verifying that the virtual services are behaving as expected.


Common Access to Emerging Assets

Service virtualization creates a scenario where every user can access the assets. These intellectual assets are available on-demand and at a given point in time.

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Your Benefits

With QualiZeal, our clients leverage the advantages of service virtualization to accelerate software delivery, reduce costs and decrease risks. We thrive on making your test environment an asset and not a liability.

Avoid Downtime

Avoid downtime due to unreliable or unavailable test environments. We provide the right solutions that simplify simulation in the most challenging scenarios, removing the downtime issues.

No Dependencies

Service virtualization will remove your dependency on third-party solutions. It will remove conflicts of costs and contention making the development process faster.

Parallel Development and Testing

You can boost your development timeframes with multiple developments and testing teams working together.

Infrastructure Reduction

Remove issues with third-party tools and services and eliminate the need to expand your internal infrastructure.


It is easier to back up, copy, and clone VMs to different physical hardware as the virtualized server environment is not bound to local infrastructure in traditional environment.

The Process

We follow a well-planned approach for service virtualization, which allows you to calibrate the performance of your applications and gain better test results. We create a model that improves the functional quality by pointing out the most minute defects.


A service virtualization plan determines the vital steps for the best performance and results. We choose activities, and prerequisites, identify targeted devices and understand if client expectations will fit into real-world scenarios.

Test Environment Set-up

We create a test environment for the dev teams. It helps in validating the functionality and impact of the test results. A virtual environment also helps in performing comprehensive tests.


Once the test environment is created, the development team can use deployed virtual services on-demand and start the application development services.


Quality engineering specialists analyze the results and create a report. The report provides a detailed analysis and possible strategies.

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Qualizeal assists it’s partner firms in integrating their native thinking into the digital medium by harnessing technology as an enabler to accelerate transformational engagements and leverage mainstream technologies with our AI-based solutions.

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