Testing Center Of Excellence

Maintain Standardization And Ensure That Your Organization Prioritizes Innovation

Testing Center Of Excellence

Organizations are in dire need of successfully deploying testers across multiple teams. This includes testing and development and many other departments involved in the design, production, marketing, etc. While they plan to achieve this, it is also essential that they do not compromise on the standardization and quality engineering practices that are set as the standard for successful application development.

As a solution, QualiZeal has introduced a Testing Center of Excellence with the primary motive of reducing and eventually eliminating inconsistencies with testing. Our testing center of excellence is the perfect way to ensure standardization and that every application developed and launched offers innovation.

TCoE by Qualizeal makes it possible to maintain a desired level of quality in a service or product. The service aims to deliver consistent results through standardized procedures and ensures that the application meets all the requirements before it is released.

QualiZeal offers a world-class framework for TCoE that defines, implements & measures testing controls and standards across your organization

what we do

We create a testing center of excellence framework that allows the testers to utilize the shared resources across teams. Despite the freedom to work in sync, we also ensure that the testing protocols and tools are centralized. Organizations can use our TCoE to quickly deploy any tester to any team while maintaining their standardized test processes for quality.



Assessment and ROI Analysis

We assess and understand all the challenges that your organization is facing. We also analyze ROI goals and identify what TCoE attributes we have to implement.


Tool Evaluation and Recommendations

We analyze and evaluate the existing tools being utilized by the testers. We also suggest alternate tools that speed up the testing process and offer better results based on our findings.


TCoE Frameworks

TCoE frameworks include a set of rules and tools that help in building test cases. These frameworks reduce the cost of testing while improving efficiency with minimal manual interference.


Compliance Review

Compliance reviews improve the result of the testing process and that the application adheres to the regulations set by governing authorities.

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how we can help you?

We hold long-term expertise in helping our clients build custom Test Centers of Excellence. Our team supports your business requirements and creates the best TCoE from scratch after understanding your needs and goals. Ultimately, the Testing Centers of Excellence would help you centralize essential testing functions and achieve the highest quality with maximum efficiency.


Reduce Production Time

TCoE cuts down the time spent writing test cases, scripting, and executing. It reduces the redundancies spent on SDLC and allows the testing teams to only focus on essential tasks.


Encourage Innovation

Unnecessary and repetitive tasks take away the space where testers and developers can innovate the products. We encourage innovation in the team and bring new ideas on board after completing our pre and post-launch analysis.


Identifying the Challenges

Our experts go above and beyond to identify the challenges. Through TCoE, we standardize the tools and processes. Customized solutions include implementing new technologies, KPI definition, and onboarding new quality engineering resources if needed.


Organization-wide Communication

Once the Testing Center of Excellence is implemented, we communicate it across the organization and let every department know about the framework. We also provide training to the relevant team members on utilizing TCoE for their benefit.

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Your Benefits

QualiZeal’s Testing Center of Excellence is designed to deliver a competitive advantage for organizations. Since the TCoE design intends to be a part of the product development life cycle, it becomes a part of management, design, operations, and legal. Our TCoE framework makes effective collaboration possible among the many departments making the application delivery seamless and hassle-free.

Quality Engineering

We implement advanced quality engineering solutions to the table and integrate them with the TCoE framework. We don’t stop until we are sure that the most superior version of the application will be ready for launch in the market.

Effective Collaboration between Development and Testing Teams

Testing Center of Excellence speeds up development timelines. Once TCoE is implemented in every department, all the teams can work together and fix the issues in real-time.

Professional Solutions

Our experts verify the application’s functionality using different scenarios derived from the realistic use-cases.

Better Security

We also ensure that the application in development is secure and wouldn’t be exploited by a malicious actor through functional testing. Our team heavily emphasizes keeping your application free from security risks.

The Process

Our team conducts thorough assessments before implementing a Testing Center of Excellence framework. The criteria for conducting the evaluation are centered around improving quality, time, and costs.


During the assessment, we interview the leadership, development, and marketing teams to understand their goals and vision regarding the application. After this, we identify the tools that fit the client’s expectations and goals.


After the assessment, we start strategizing a course of action to help develop a framework that suits the client’s expectations.

Framework Implementation

Our team implements the framework with automated features that take over labor intensive and iterative processes. After the framework is implemented, the testers in every department can work in sync and collect better results.


With a testing center of excellence, we make automated testing a driving force for all testing needs. We optimize the infrastructure to adapt the framework quickly.

Test Closure

We share a detailed report with the client. The report contains a detailed explanation of what worked and what didn’t. There are suggestions provided based on our assessments and observations.

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Qualizeal assists it’s partner firms in integrating their native thinking into the digital medium by harnessing technology as an enabler to accelerate transformational engagements and leverage mainstream technologies with our AI-based solutions.

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