IOT Testing

Achieve seamless operation and performance of your Intelligent devices through extensive software testing of your IoT enabled apps.

IOT Testing

The Internet of Things provides opportunities for development, engagement, and efficiency for enterprises and their consumers and is therefore, a significant enabler of digital transformation. However, the technology poses a number of difficulties for delivery teams, including the following:

  • A multitude of new and unique gadgets, networks, and sensors.
  • Communication protocols that are completely new.
  • Demands for complex integration.
  • Functionality and connectivity are being tested for the first time in many cases.
  • Scenarios involving human subjects.

End-to-end testing of the IoT infrastructure is included in IoT testing, which emphasizes the need of multistage validation. It’s critical to put these IoT gadgets, phones, and apps through their paces. This testing procedure necessitates real-world IoT testing, which is important for the success of any connected product.

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With today’s organizations’ rising requirement to provide smart products faster and faster across business domains, these IoT devices have a high demand for data access, creation, and sharing from one device to another. This involves the efficient flow of information across IoT devices in order to provide a positive user experience and simplicity of information utilization, which demands that these devices be tested using various IoT testing methodologies to verify that they give smooth performance. 

IoT Testing Services necessitates a high level of knowledge due to the wide range of systems, devices, and networks. End-to-end IoT confirmatory testing from QualiZeal includes Device Interoperability, Performance, Security, API, User Experience, End-to-End functional testing, and test automation across a variety of devices, models, networks, and operating systems, browsers, and locales.



Comprehensive QA strategy

Our holistic QA approach will manage the particular issues and constraints of verifying IoT setup, Test Execution, and Result Confirmation, as well as strategy for conducting standard and specialized testing of your IoT systems.


Robust Testing Solution

A variety of tests, including IoT test automation tools, methodologies, and devices, are included in our test solution. Our comprehensive test framework includes the tools needed to execute load simulations, security checks, and functional testing. .


Domain Experience

Our quality assurance engineers have experience with business processes in a variety of IoT application domains, which most development teams lack. We’ve QA personnel from around the world, with the option to scale up offshore and onsite


Improved Time-to-market

At QualiZeal, we employ ready-to-deploy test automation architecture, to accomplish a minimum of a 20% improvement in time-to-market.


Insight Utilization & Real-Time Reporting

Allows for immediate input, which aids in the rapid resolution of difficulties. We employ a variety of data, metrics, and insights to help us make better release decisions.

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how we can help you?

We can help you get your IoT endeavors to market faster and with minimum risk-whether you’re a commodity manufacturer, device maker, or solution provider. Our IoT Testing services integrate a cloud-based enterprise IoT architecture with strong digital QA and test automation technologies. This unifies all aspects of your IoT projects in order to accurately analyze functionality and performance while providing constant evaluation across all use cases and functionalities. 

We provide support for a wide range of IoT use cases and regardless of the requirements, we can test the end-to-end performance, functionality, and connection of your IoT application.


Proven IoT Testing Framework and Device Simulators

QualiZeal has evaluated a variety of IoT use cases and assisted businesses in bringing their products to market fast and efficiently. Our deep domain knowledge has resulted in the development of important accelerators such as IoT Testing frameworks and device simulators, resulting in shorter time-to-value.


Agile, Team-Oriented Approach

Our team of QA engineers is well-versed in contemporary frameworks, languages, and technologies.


Proven Expertise with the leading testing tools and platforms

We maximize your ROI by accelerating your deployment and utilizing all of their capabilities.


Industry Recognition

We ensure continued support to businesses in the post-delivery phase, ensuring smooth sailing for your team, as a renowned and reliable industry stakeholder for software/product-service testing.

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IoT test services from QualiZeal include end-to-end functional and non-functional validation for IoT implementations. Our test solutions ensure quality and reliability so you can stay connected while embracing new ways of doing business. To address the diversity of devices, protocols, and technological platforms, our IoT Testing solution uses gadget simulation and an Edge to Cloud test automation paradigm.

Improved Time-to-Market

We provide a number of ready-to-use test automation frameworks that can help you speed up time to market and cut down on time spent on regression testing and data configuration.

Solution for Remote Device Management

Data from edge devices, hubs, and companion apps is collected, processed, analyzed, and visualized using this solution. IoT device cloud – allows for remote development and testing.

Impact on the industry

By developing a forward-thinking IoT product, you can not only extend your company’s capabilities, but also have a significant impact on the evolution of your sector. It will assist you boost your market position while also making your customers’ lives easier and more comfortable.

Reduced Cost of Testing

To keep multiple testing goals in place and reduce testing costs to a considerable extent, we utilize the latest tools, technology and robust testing procedures.

Decision analytics of the highest caliber

Customers can reward you with feedback, qualitative data, and real-time analytics as a result of the precise, clever work of IoT products. You can understand consumer expectations and identify potential dangers before they become an issue.

The Process

QualiZeal offers end-to-end functional and non-functional validation solutions for IoT implementations on a variety of devices in a fast-paced workplace. The complete testing solutions ensure security and quality, allowing you to stay interconnected while integrating technology for increasingly advanced workspaces. 

Real-time Big Data testing, compliance, privacy, and performance are among our IoT testing solutions. Because of our usage of device simulators and cloud test automation technologies to address a wide range of devices and other technical platforms, QualiZeal has earned a reputation as a trustworthy partner among global enterprises.

IoT Integration Testing

This form of testing ensures that IoT software and smart devices work together smoothly. We check for connectivity, data transfer, and receiving work tasks from devices. Our team performs extensive testing to ensure that each line of code works flawlessly between a system and any type of smart device.

IoT Security Testing

Our IoT testers verify that data being exchanged between devices is not accessed or read. Because you don’t want someone breaking into your security system, crucial life support equipment, or listening in on important financial data your smartphone transmits, security testing is critical for IoT.

Usability Testing

Because displays and buttons/controls are typically small, usability testing is critical in the IoT. We advocate a simple design that fits the user’s desire to utilize the gadget swiftly and comfortably in a predictable manner. We put a number of devices and operating systems to the test.

IoT Performance Testing

Our team of testers guarantees that the system is capable of handling load, stress, and internet test scenarios.We experiment with reducing network bandwidth while preserving and delivering data at a high rate.

IoT Compatibility Testing

It is a crucial phase in IoT testing that ensures that IoT software interacts with various smart devices, systems, network layers, and software platforms in a seamless and bug-free manner. Our team will test a variety of elements, including multiple operating systems, browser varieties and versions, and gadgets.

IoT Reliability and Scalability Testing

These testing methods aid in the creation of appropriate IoT environments, which will establish the capabilities of IoT goods in order to develop, optimise, and add new features. When an upgrade is deployed, we conduct extensive regression testing to ensure that there are no issues with the products.

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Qualizeal assists it’s partner firms in integrating their native thinking into the digital medium by harnessing technology as an enabler to accelerate transformational engagements and leverage mainstream technologies with our AI-based solutions.

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