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Retail businesses rely on software. It is necessary to consolidate and integrate a variety of technologies, including POS systems, logistics and supply chain management, e-commerce, billing, and bill payment tools, into a seamless system before rolling it out to other online and mobile platforms. When the proper software is used in the right way, it will improve user experience and ultimately increase sales while also protecting data security and gathering trustworthy data for later marketing research.

The challenges? Combining and integrating all the components of retail software and point-of-sale systems in a dynamic environment where inventory is updated, special offers are always changing, designers are adjusting the user interface, and marketing is running A/B tests to see how they can influence user behavior and improve the user experience.

It takes attention to detail, retail domain expertise for software testing, and a quality-driven mindset to solve these obstacles. The solution: Effective retail software testing. The requirement for extensive testing of POS software and e-commerce systems sometimes outweighs the desire for greater sales and improved ROI at many businesses, resulting in the deployment of POS applications before they are ready and the provision of services with insufficient consumer protection. This frequently leads to unfavorable news coverage. The answer is retail application testing from QualiZeal. Our specialists have expertise in retail software testing and are able to evaluate your present software, make important suggestions for improvement, and create efficient metrics.

Our team provides a broad range of testing, DevOps, and retail application development services. We have extensive knowledge of all aspects of POS and retail systems, such as OMS, WMS, and TMS, and a proven history of assisting teams in releasing world-class products.

what we do

A domain specialist can overcome the issue of integrating retail software and POS with continuously changing products and promotions. These difficulties can be overcome with the aid of QualiZeal’s retail domain expertise and software testing experience. Our testing services can also help your retail company’s income grow while enhancing order accuracy.

The process of testing retail domain software packages with QualiZeal’s POS Testing Solution verifies that the POS Software is prepared for market. QA Engineers and Retail Software Testing Services may execute trustworthy POS automation and performance testing in addition to managing POS test cases using a web app. The POS system’s functionalities must be operational, and any heightened demand for transactional volume and flow must be met.

Our technique and solutions guarantee that the client experience is upheld and that neither function nor the system’s capacity to manage transactional flow requirements are disrupted.



Load Testing

Our experts make sure that your systems respond quickly and perform well under different loads.


Stress Testing

Stress testing ensures efficient system functionality even during times of peak load.


Volume Testing

This includes evaluating the system behavior using different data or transaction volumes.


Scalability Testing

Our POS experts make sure that your software can withstand a growth in data, users, transactions, etc.

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how we can help you?

By utilizing an objective quality engineering approach, tailored retail testing frameworks & services, and a strong domain understanding, QualiZeal’s experience in retail testing has helped multi-channel retailers change their businesses. Our end-to-end testing procedures for the retail sector help small- and big-chain retailers enhance the integrity of all of their enterprise apps and support their efforts to set up complex integrations between the newest CRM, OMS, WMS, Cloud, Mobile, & Web apps.

Our unique strategy for evaluating retail software focuses on:


Data Integrity

Retailers require information at the appropriate time and location, but this data also needs to be reliable and comprehensive. Data validation is crucial in every element of retail, from sales to inventories. A small mistake could have big, unintended effects.


User Experience

The concept of quality includes user experience as a crucial component of application effect in addition to programs performing as intended. Users desire more than just functionality in a market where always-connected mobile devices and on-demand information are prevalent.


Performance and Reliability

Downtime of any kind is unacceptable. You cannot afford to be unproductive in a time when clients can quickly switch to a different product thanks to SaaS-based business models. By using metrics-based performance testing and benchmarking, we makes sure our client’s systems continue to function reliably and accurately.



The numerous vulnerabilities in POS software and systems make them vulnerable to hacker attacks. To identify particular points of vulnerability from all sides and entry points, thorough vulnerability scanning is required.

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Your Benefits

Businesses may better align with the needs of their end users thanks to QualiZeal’s appealing retail solutions. We have collaborated with leading companies in the market on Digital Quality Engineering for Retail Industry, from Food to Fashion to Ecommerce.

Our automated end-to-end testing services for the retail industry enhance the customer experience in stores and help to increase revenue.

Improved Inventory Control

Through POS testing, we make it simple to manage your store’s inventory. POS enables you to keep track of your inventory in real time and determine how many items you own overall.

Improved Customer Experience

It will be simpler to provide quick, precise, and efficient service using POS Testing, which in turn boosts client loyalty and satisfaction. Since it is frequently simpler to retain current clients than to find new ones, this will be advantageous to your company.

Better Security

We employ a cloud-based point of sale to keep your data constantly backed up and safeguarded. With our POS testing services, you may regularly and automatically back up your data thanks to our cloud computing service

Better Corporate Structure

Your company might be better organized with a POS system. Being well-organized could increase the productivity of your company, as well as the ease with which you interact with customers and other businesses.

The Process

The testing procedure for Point of Sale (POS) applications can be drastically shortened because of QualiZeal’s extensive testing services and ability to speed up test design, data management, and test maintenance.

Using preset POS templates and utilizing a single testing solution for both store and e-commerce sites increases client return on investment (ROI), resulting in enhanced software quality.

Compliance Testing

Our Compliance testing procedure analyses whether the POS system complies with all industry criteria, from internal standards to external standards (such PCI compliance). The operating system’s health is regularly checked through compliance testing, ensuring that the software is always in line with both business needs and industry norms.

Performance & Load Testing

Performance testing procedure evaluates the stability, reactivity, and sensibility of the POS software under a specific workload. Load testing is also carried out by QA testers to ensure that the Point-of-Sale software system can sustain speed and dependability during periods of high user load.

Payment Gateway and Security Testing

Our testers check whether the encryption and security of the payment information between the customer and the merchant are maintained throughout the payment experience when they test software for the retail sector.

Integration Testing

Our integration testing aims to demonstrate that information is successfully exchanged between POS software system elements. These POS test cases are run by our quality engineers to identify any issues with the way the modules interact after integration.

Usability Testing

We employ several usability testing techniques to determine which elements of the Point of Sales software program cause consumers problems or confusion by having real users’ complete tasks within the application.

Prior to product launch, our quality engineers can provide the development team with thorough advice after monitoring these testing sessions.

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Qualizeal assists it’s partner firms in integrating their native thinking into the digital medium by harnessing technology as an enabler to accelerate transformational engagements and leverage mainstream technologies with our AI-based solutions.

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