How End-To-End System Testing and Test Automation Brought Out 60% Capex Reduction For a US-Based Water Meter Manufacturing Giant.




Water Utilities



A Brief History

A US-based organization with more than 12 decades of expertise in the water utilities industry, serving more than 4000 water utilities across North America.

They ventured into creating a SaaS-based, scalable, and adaptable platform to help their clients manage their water consumption as part of a general digital transformation using their years of innovation and understanding. For this, they required a dependable partner to automate product and software testing with the assurance of error-free operation throughout the digital transformation process.

After going through the drill, they zeroed down on QualiZeal as a reliable service provider.

How End-To-End System Testing and Test Automation Brought Out 60% Capex Reduction For a US-Based Water Meter Manufacturing Giant Brief History

Business Needs and Goals

To effectively streamline digital transformation in order to provide higher-quality end-products

Our esteemed customer was quick to realize the need for implementing ETL testing to streamline an error-free digital transformation process across their Software development and IT verticals, and therefore, partnered with QualiZeal for an overall digital transformation.

As one of USA’s leading providers of water utility products and services with a rich legacy, the company set out on a mission to become more agile in their processes while also improving their software development lifecycle (SDLC) to foster a better customer experience.

Without credible real-time data (dashboards and reports), collaboration tools, and improved management, the business understood it would be impossible to accomplish a digital transformation. The lack of efficient resources to test, optimize, and regulate the procedure and ensure error-free final products expanded this disparity even further.

The following objectives were ascertained while partnering with QualiZeal:

Increased agility among their processes and workforce

Establishment of ETL and Data Warehouse

Enhancement of appropriate test coverages

Improved integrations across various ERP and CRM systems

Maintain source code compliance with industry standards such as SOC2 and CCPA

Increased Test Automation for faster deployment in the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

How End-To-End System Testing and Test Automation Brought Out 60% Capex Reduction For a US-Based Water Meter Manufacturing Giant Banner

Technical Issues and Their Business Challenges


Direct Business Challenge

Lack of collaborative tools
Difficulties in communicating between on-site and off-shore teams, resulting in delayed deliveries.
Lack of dashboards and architectural review boards
Inability to view the performance and issues facing the software & hardware products instantaneously.
Absence of sufficient data to monitor Economies of Scale (profitability/profitable gains)
Insufficient information to view organizational costs and the company's comparative advantage.
Lack of appropriate test coverage
With no proper testing strategy, it led to developer complications and a compromised consumer experience
No Automated Testing
Repetitive manual testing is both expensive and time-consuming, rendering huge delays in deliveries.

The QualiZeal Impact

Delivering Real-Time Data and Simplifying Operations to Produce Error-Free Final Products

QualiZeal was chosen as the trusted partner to address their immediate need to standardize their data and testing practices to provide an enhanced customer experience for their consumers. They also wanted to solve the issue of collaborating between on-site and offshore teams.

With a team of 40 people (20 on-site and 20 offshore), QualiZeal immediately assumed charge, implementing WBR, MBR, and QBR to foster an open collaborative approach to address obstacles and challenges that emerged on a daily basis.

We developed an innovative path-to-market approach comprising of dashboards with real-time data and critical insights to prioritize deliverables and determine the amount of work required.

Furthermore, our team also leveraged unique end-to-end system testing and test automation approaches to ensure that:

The applications and software behave as intended and that the flow of data is maintained for all kinds of user tasks and processes

The software/application is extensively tested in a real-world configuration, and bugs are resolved as they appear, preventing severe issues from arising.

Automation tools are leveraged to maintain test data, execute tests and analyze test results to enhance software quality

Also, as a final step, to encourage quick and critical business decisions, the QualiZeal team recommended customizable dashboards and a robust architectural review board to provide high-level and in-depth insights to the leadership team so they can make data-driven, timely, and informed decisions.

Strategic Introduction of BOOMI Platform To Integrate Third-Party Services

QualiZeal leveraged its strategic alliance with BOOMI, an integrated platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) platform for integrating third-party applications and services, API management, and data preparation.

Drag and Drop Visual UI and low-code platform to increase efficiency and reduce errors with unique capabilities such as intelligent integration mapping, error testing and resolution.

Techstack Deployed and Services Provided

Tools Implemented

How End-To-End System Testing and Test Automation Brought Out 60% Capex Reduction For a US-Based Water Meter Manufacturing Giant Services

Services Provided


End-to-End System Testing


ETL Testing


Data Validation


Test Automation

Value Delivered

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End-To-End Testing
0 %
Data Loading and Migration
0 %
cost savings from offshore model
0 %
increase in overall transaction response time
Automated scripts developed within 2 months
0 %
Ownership of delivery within 2 months of engagement
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An Excellent 10/10 Candidate Net Promoter Score (cNPS)
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Service Delivery Accountability

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