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A World Class Performance Engineering @ QualiZeal, we are here to provide solutions for some of the industry problems.

Are you tired of spending hours on performance engineering and expensive tools just to assess your website's performance?

Look no further than QualiPro from QualiZeal! Our solution can quickly identify and evaluate website performance in under 5 minutes, allowing you to fix any issues before load testing. Plus, there's no need for additional infrastructure and it can even run on production URLs.

With QualiPro, you can take a proactive approach to website performance and avoid reactive decision making that could cost you revenue and trust. Don't settle for limited free load test tools. Upgrade to

QualiPro and get the exact client rendering experience you need to keep your website running smoothly. 

Problem Statement :

Performance engineering takes time (to model workflows, emulate loads, create test data, and ensure that environments are ready for executions), and it costs a fortune to use the right tools (for load/monitoring).

With the Shift Left technique in CI/CD, the end-user website isn't always ready in time, and we can't operate in the current Production Environments.

Post-execution Reports and Results for Delayed Decision Making.

Reactive as opposed to proactive.

Tools are expensive and require additional expertise, setup, and training.

Free Load test tools are a hoax. JMeter's free version has a low feature set and significant infrastructure requirements. K6 has a restricted landscape of support protocols and is not free (HTTP, gRPC and Websockets).

Aside from more expensive tools like LoadRunner and NeoLoad, none of the load tests presently provide an accurate Client rendering experience.

A website that takes a long time to load will lose business, credibility, and revenue.

Our Solution with

Can be used anywhere, at any time, on websites that cater to customers to evaluate the user experience.
Quickly gauge, identify, and assess the website's performance in less than five minutes.
Before performing load test execution, find solutions to speed up the web application.
There is no infrastructure needed.
Can also be used with production URLs.
Can be used in conjunction with a load test to evaluate the end-user experience in pre-production settings.

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