Grace Hopper Center of Excellence

Grace Hopper Center of Excellence

Grace Brewster Hopper was an American computer scientist, mathematician, United States Navy rear admiral, and one of the first programmers of the Harvard Mark I computer. Hopper was the first person to record a bug found in Mark I computer and, indeed, the first to attach said bug to her diary. The software testing industry considers her the world’s first tester.

QualiZeal Grace Hopper Center of Excellence (GHCoE) is a platform to shape future Quality Engineering professionals by equipping engineering graduates through world-class theoretical and practical knowledge-sharing sessions. The Center of Excellence, in collaboration with the college, focuses on imbibing the required knowledge that helps students to kick-start careers in the Quality Engineering space.

The Center of Excellence organizes an aptitude test and a personal interview in collaboration with the college.
Grace Hopper Center of Excellence
The selected interested students will be enrolled in the GHCoE program for a period of 6 months followed by 4-5 monthly internships at QualiZeal.
Grace Hopper Center of Excellence
The fully equipped interns coming into QualiZeal through GCHoE will get enormous opportunities to work with our reputed US clients.

Expert voice and experience

Pradeepkumar Govindasamy

Pradeepkumar Govindasamy


At QualiZeal, our goal has always been to shape the next generation of Quality Engineering professionals. We understand that the future of our industry rests on the shoulders of bright, young minds eager to make their mark. To this end, we’re incredibly proud to initiate the Grace Hopper Center of Excellence (GHCoE).

GHCoE aims to provide an immersive, hands-on experience that seamlessly bridges the gap between academic learning and industry application. It is a commitment to cultivating a talented, future-ready workforce that can innovate, adapt, and lead.

Madhu Murthy

Madhu Murty

Head of operations

As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of Quality Engineering, one thing remains clear: the necessity for talented and well-equipped professionals in our field.

To address this need, we at QualiZeal have launched GHCoE, a platform designed to cultivate hands-on expertise and a deep understanding of industry practices and prepare individuals for successful careers.

The GHCoE program offered a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical training. The quality of mentoring and the exposure I received during my internship at QualiZeal was truly commendable.

Intern 2023
The GHCoE and QualiZeal program was a transformative journey for me. The classes, the mentorship, and the hands-on internship experience gave me the necessary tools to excel in Quality Engineering.
Intern 2023
My experience with the GHCoE program was nothing short of extraordinary. It not only taught me the ins and outs of Quality Engineering but also helped me develop crucial soft skills that are essential today.
Intern 2023
As a fresher, GHCoE gave me an excellent platform to kick-start my career. The real-time industry exposure during my internship at QualiZeal was truly invaluable.
Intern 2023

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