Software Development Engineer in Test

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Software Development Engineer in Test

Functional errors, bugs, and design issues have no place in the modern software development lifecycle (SDLC). A full-scale digital transformation is impossible if testing and development teams don’t work at complete efficiency and resolve these issues quickly. Application development, launch, and marketing process will become much more straightforward with professionals who could combine the expertise of quality engineers and software developers. 

Software Development Engineers in Test (SDETs) fill in the gap created due to disconnects between testing and development teams. The role combines a pure developer role and a pure tester role. SDETs work alongside developers and clients to understand the requirements from a customer perspective, automate the development process, and eliminate redundancies. 

Leverage QualiZeal’s in-depth quality engineering expertise with 100+ projects delivered globally. Our expert SDET team can help you build high–quality and state-of-the-art test automation solutions for performance and functional testing.

what we do

We at QualiZeal understand what it takes to spearhead a high-end application design process that bodes well with customer expectations, business initiatives, time, and available skills and offers room for faster innovation. 

QualiZeal’s end-to-end support for quality engineering would empower your organization with highly skilled SDETs. These professionals would be a part of SDLC straight from the development process until the testing of the said software.

Our experts provide customized support for SDETs based on your specific requests. With our full suite of Quality Engineering services, you can choose the right strategy, tools, and skills to achieve excellence in your domain.



Audit and In-Depth Report

We perform audits to understand your requirements, goals, and desired end results. The in-depth report would contain a thorough assessment of your specific requirements, areas where you need support, and the tasks that our software development engineer in test (SDETs) would be responsible for.


Customized Scope of Work

We determine the scope of work after understanding the usage, end-users, peak usage periods, configurations it will operate on, and devices it will be used on to address the areas where your testing–development team would need help. The scope of work would be customized based on the industry sector the client is a part of, i.e., high user influx for eCommerce clients, security and vulnerability testing for financial institutions, etc.


Competent SDETs with Functional and API Testing Skills

Our SDETs start working with your internal teams for faster and seamless application development process leveraging their functional and API testing skills. SDETs, as a part of the dev team, know how to develop and use APIs, which improve communication between the systems, data transfer between client and server, and remove redundancies by automating manual tasks.


Upskilling Automation Engineers and Developers

Our team also upskills and trains Automation Engineers and Developers to fit into modern application development roles. With additional skills, they can ascend in their career as SDETs and reduce the skill gap due to the higher number of vacancies.

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how we can help you?

Our team of experts offer a strategy and roadmap to understand and define your testing development needs for clients based on their requirements, market expectations, and challenges. The team of SDETs addresses the complex layers of digital testing and helps your organization achieve faster growth and rapid progress than your competitors. 

We achieve this by doing the following:


Thorough assessment to resolve issues with testing and development and create an ever-lasting impact on the application development journey.


Provide cutting-edge tools and technologies to automate the repetitive process and speed up the delivery.


We ensure client success based on their unique requirements in functionality, security, accessibility, and user experience (UX) areas.

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Your Benefits

SDETs accelerate the process of digital transformation. Some of the benefits you’ll find with these professionals are:

Faster Development

When you avail SDET services from QualiZeal, your organization will start developing new applications faster. With fewer chances of calling back or releasing updates, you can start planning the next phase of the application development lifecycle before the usual timelines.

Improved Collaboration

SDETs would bridge the gap between the testing and development teams. The issues with coordination, timelines, and targets would become much easier to achieve.

Better Security

SDETs also ensure that the application in development doesn’t leave loopholes that cybercriminals can exploit and take advantage of. With skills like penetration testing, they will close these gaps and ensure that the product/service is free from security risks.

Higher Efficiency

You can develop applications with greater efficiency when a Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) professional is a part of your team. With the help of automation, you can come up with new ideas for product launches faster than ever.

Feedback and Continuous Improvement

Application development is a continuous journey. With QualiZeal’s SDETs being a part of it, your organization would get faster real-time feedback on the ongoing progress, allowing more room for improvement.

The Process

QualiZeal implements a thorough assessment related to project risks and success factors. The SDETs are trained to think from a customer’s viewpoint and incorporate that vision into the application design, code, and tests. SDETs elevate the product quality using this process:

Plan and Allocate Testing Process

SDET is well-versed in the testing process. They plan testing schedules as per the timelines. They also keep a note of the test budget to provide best result in minimal expenses.

Coordination with Development Team

SDETs and the development team work in sync to ensure that the testing is on track. They participate in the testing and design process and continuously review the product functionality throughout the development lifecycle.

Test Automation

They write scalable and robust frameworks that is used to automate tests. This process eliminates many repetitive tasks, which speeds up the application development process.

Report Generation

The SDET creates reports using which the development team can find a detailed outlook on the test results and progress. These reports are based what they observe during and after the application development process. Reports ensure that all the goals are being met and the product will be delivered on time.

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Qualizeal assists it’s partner firms in integrating their native thinking into the digital medium by harnessing technology as an enabler to accelerate transformational engagements and leverage mainstream technologies with our AI-based solutions.

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