Performance Engineering

Assure Seamless Collaboration Between Teams, Tools, And Processes Through Continuous Feedback Loops

Performance Engineering

Performance issues don’t happen out of the blue, but they are designed into the software architecture. It is not the fault of the software development teams, if we are honest. These issues find their way during the development process, primarily when the team relies on the old quality assurance practices. It would be best if you had something more to add value to your product and get rid of performance issues before the launch. 

Performance engineering is a specialized unit of Quality Engineering services and solely focuses on running a single round of load testing during the post-development quality assurance (QA) phase. This methodology ensures that the application won’t wear out under extreme loads. QualiZeal’s robust performance engineering solutions allow you to effectively identify and overcome bottlenecks before and during the software launch phase and achieve high responsiveness, reliability, availability, scalability, and resilience for your applications. 

Leverage QualiZeal’s End-to-end performance testing solutions to meet your performance goals

what we do

We use our collective expertise to significantly improve your turnaround times and release cycles. Our end-to-end test automation strategy and process help you accurately check your product during any development phase and prevent human error. Our team would provide the right tools, develop the best frameworks, maintain the test environment, and generate a higher return on investment (ROI) in the long run.



Performance Monitoring

It starts at the beginning of the development stage to ensure that each application unit matches its requirements. It heavily focuses on writing tests that call the methods in each unit and validate when they return value which is the actual requirement. It is ideal for organizations that wish to keep their application development projects bug free from the beginning.


Performance Analysis and Optimization

Our team would use analysis and optimization to identify performance goals and detect underlying issues. Our performance analysis methodologies effectively chronicle the lags and errors and decide if the problem affects the entire application or just certain parts of it. .


Shift Left Testing

We conduct shift-left testing for early detection of errors, along with design or code bottlenecks. It enhances test coverage and allows effective use of time and resources.


Integration Load Testing

We conduct regression testing with a prime focus on pragmatic scenarios and user behavior. Unlike traditional load testing tools, integration load testing requires less time and effort, allowing the engineering team to create as many realistic scenarios as possible. .


Capacity Planning

We plan and deliver the right infrastructure for your business requirements that will enable you to stay competitive and maximize your ROI.

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how we can help you?

Our performance engineering services offer end-to-end integration, real-time insights, and analytics collaboration. QualiZeal holds long-term expertise in anticipating and resolving testing bottlenecks. Our performance engineering open architecture allows stakeholders to shorten development time and accelerate application delivery. We also promote asset reuse for maximum gains from existing investments by leveraging our existing on-premises or cloud infrastructure. 

We believe that better monitoring and early detection of bottlenecks lead to better decision-making and marketing strategy.


End-to-end Optimization

Continuous testing and monitoring process delivers end-to-end system optimization. Unlike traditional performance testing methodologies, performance engineering tracks app development by leveraging application performance monitoring (APM) tools.


Global Delivery Model

We work with clients on a global scale irrespective of their location. Our capabilities allow us to take on-shore, off-shore, and remote projects.



Through thorough analysis, we assess the application’s performance against some vital key performance indicators.



We review and update the project in the post-delivery phase. We also provide efficient tools to monitor software applications’ performance metrics.

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Your Benefits

Performance engineering dramatically impacts user experience by enhancing application performance. It allows you to quickly find the source of error in an increasingly complex system without spending a lot of time or resources. Our partnership adds multiple advantages along with the benefits of performance engineering, including:

100% Test Coverage

We offer test-driven development solutions, static code analysis, and the correct test coverage support.

Proven Performance Engineering Model

Our methodical approach to performance engineering makes application testing seamless and faster.

Eliminate Human Error

Reduce the complexities of human errors by completely automating the performance engineering process.

Real-Time Scenarios

Performance engineering methodologies allow simulating real-time scenarios under multiple circumstances. The result will be an application that would handle every user behavior.

Best in Class Quality Engineering Solutions

Enjoy QualiZeal’s quality engineering solutions and take your product to the next level with a tailored performance engineering plan designed just for you.

The Process

Our team would conduct a thorough assessment, keeping project risks and success factors as critical benchmarks before starting the performance engineering process. We prioritize and incorporate your perspectives into the performance engineering framework for the best results.

Identify Tier-Based Transactions

We create scripts that contain transactions and logic/behavior representing the application. The results allow us to create testing tier-based strategies with all the bottlenecks and problems we may encounter throughout the development process.

Realistic Timeline Set-up

We produce the initial reports 1-3 days after identifying tier-based transactions. We share the list of timelines for essential tasks and identify the right tools for you. Once the timelines are set, our team starts the performance engineering process.

Testing Performance Metrics and Criteria

We list down the criteria for testing performance and the metrics that would define the success during this stage. Memory usage, CPU usage, response time, throughput, etc., are calculated during this stage.

Planning and Designing

We plan and design test scenarios that trigger the parameters. It helps us set the acceptance criteria that define the application as functional for the users.

KPI Monitoring

We evaluate the application on the KPIs set in the beginning and analyze if performance is as expected.

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Qualizeal assists it’s partner firms in integrating their native thinking into the digital medium by harnessing technology as an enabler to accelerate transformational engagements and leverage mainstream technologies with our AI-based solutions.

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