Mobile Testing

Validate, Design, and Develop Applications with a Foolproof Mobile Testing Strategy 

QualiZeal’s complete suite of mobile testing services is designed to help you develop high-performing mobile apps with extensive device and test coverage, error monitoring, and faster release/updates throughout the application development phase. Provide a flawless user experience while ensuring the critical success of your business. 

Our end-to-end mobile testing solutions spot your application/website vulnerabilities and issues regarding functionality and performance across multiple devices, platforms, and browsers. 

Reduce your application’s time-to-market by leveraging QualiZeal’s robust mobile testing strategies. 

Be responsive to customer behavior and improve user experience while retaining quality. 

Garner crystal clear insights regarding the quality of your application 

Adopt and ensure new quality standards 

What we do

We leverage modern tools and techniques to accelerate your mobile testing and optimize the results at every stage. Additionally, we equip our clients with a streamlined platform to 

Deliver the right results under tight schedules 

Follow the latest quality engineering guidelines 

Ensure that your mobile testing strategy is both thorough and cost-effective 


Automation Testing  

We use the latest automation tools compatible with Android, iOS, and hybrid apps. The test results are fast and accurate with detailed functionality, usability, and consistency analysis. 

Usability Testing  

We perform usability testing to gather reports on the product’s interface usability with the end-users. The tests are performed by a diverse set of real-world users in the presence of a skilled test manager.  

Payments Testing  

Our testers perform payment testing to determine safe and secure transactions between the buyer and the seller. 

Mobile Emulators & Simulators 

Our team tests your mobile apps early in development cycles using cutting-edge emulators and simulators. These tools deliver accurate reports during any development stage.  

Performance Testing  

We conduct different performance tests to determine speed, robustness, correct sizing, and scalability. These tests include load, capacity, stress, scalability, endurance, spike, and volume testing. 

Our Customized Services

Test Automation Support

We integrate test automation into your development and testing processes to ensure that the development team finds the test reports in real-time and have enough time to resolve the errors, eliminate bugs, and remove any bottlenecks.

Complete Device Coverage   

Our mobile testing solutions are compatible with all devices and browsers. It is easy to run tests on Android and iOS using the tools picked from the best vendors.   

Error Monitoring and Reporting  

The development teams gain deeper visibility into the application development specifics and easily find the root cause of the errors.  


The application is validated for national and international users. The functionality is localized by adapting the interface and functionality to appeal to the foreign language markets.

High-Security Standards

We use the latest tools to ensure that the application is safe and secure from external or internal threats. Our testers help developers remove security loopholes before the app is launched for public use.   

Your benefits

At QualiZeal, we test to deliver a superior user experience with rich functionality in the end product. We develop a personalized testing approach for our clients and add many advantages, including:    

Reduced Cost of Testing/Development 

Automated testing tools reduce testing time leading to a reduced cost of mobile testing and application development. 

AI and ML Integration  

Our testing process is powered by AI and ML tools. These tools improve DevOps in-app testing, which quickens the test by offering continuous feedback. 

Cross-Platform Testing  

Mobile testing tools reveal compatibility on different devices by considering a variety of scenarios and conditions, eliminating the need for manual tests on various devices. 

User Loyalty  

We implement changes for real-world users keeping their opinion in mind. The test process makes the users feel valued, making them more loyal to the product in the long run. 

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