Medical Devices Testing

Leverage data, enhance IT system reliability and speed up digital transformation with healthcare legislation and patient data protection.

Medical Devices Testing

For healthcare ISVs, hospitals, and provider networks, QualiZeal has vast expertise offering secure and robust software testing services. In the healthcare industry, we provide software testing solutions that take regulatory frameworks, accountability, scalability, and structural changes into account. Digitalization, data security, mobility, big data, and cloud computing are some of the latest technological innovations that we employ while providing the best possible plans and strategies to organizations globally. 

At QualiZeal, we’ll get your software in the greatest shape it’s ever been in, in addition to cutting down on testing time and expenditure. We’re well-positioned to assist you to fulfill increasing expectations for interoperability and compliance thanks to our years of testing experience and extensive industry knowledge.

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As the healthcare industry moves toward corporate applications, severe challenges to patient safety, security, costs, and standard of care continue to emerge. Reduce your risk and make the most of industrial applications’ potential to enhance patient care with QualiZeal’s medical devices testing services. 

Our software is powered by cutting-edge technology, but we’re continuously considering how humans. Trust us to make every healthcare transaction safer, simpler, and more user-friendly for you. Our QE team performs a wide range of testing services to verify the reliability and readability of medical devices, including regression testing, stress testing, safety testing, black box testing, white box testing, hardware testing, robustness testing, and more. As a result, your organization can rely on our medical device testing professionals, who have a cross-functional understanding of how to provide safe and secure medical equipment.



Develop Efficient, multi-layered technical platforms

We use the latest automation tools compatible with Android, iOS, and hybrid apps. The test results are fast and accurate with detailed functionality, usability, and consistency analysis.


Guidance and compliance with the Security Coding Standards

We perform usability testing to gather reports on the product’s interface usability with the end-users. The tests are performed by a diverse set of real-world users in the presence of a skilled test manager.


Automated Tool Evaluation System to Reduce and Effort

Our testers perform payment testing to determine safe and secure transactions between the buyer and the seller.

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how we can help you?

QualiZeal’s Medical Devices Testing CoE professionals assist in the verification and validation of software for surgical tools, contact lenses, and ultrasound scanners, orthopedic implants, and hemodialysis devices, as well as cardiac pacemakers. 

Our specialists are completely capable of assisting Clients in the testing of intelligent, AI-based medical and healthcare gadgets such as Smart Beds, sterilization gear, veterinary tool kits, and so on. Our medical testing and test automation solution helps us to offer high-quality products in a variety of areas, including scalability, automation, usability, regression, and localization.


Transparent and Effective Communication within Enterprise Systems

At QualiZeal, we help you integrate legacy systems and enable a seamless, secure, and accessible information stream.


Avoid Hazardous Usability Errors

Even minor input errors on a medical document can result in disastrous misrepresentation, which is why our usability protocols safeguard doctors and patients by preventing mishaps from occurring.


Reduce Cost while increasing your ROI

Through our automated continuous testing strategy and expert use of AI and ML, we’ll help you significantly reduce testing expenses and increase productivity.

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Your Benefits

QualiZeal offers medical device testing for healthcare and pharmaceutical firms all over the world. Our senior engineers have a significant amount of expertise when it comes to software testing for medical devices. 

As a result, we have a good understanding of medical devices, their mechanics, and regulatory requirements. Above all, we understand how to apply risk assessment to your product and use the results to provide a quick and cost-effective design monitoring and evaluation service.

Full product life cycle approach

You’ll benefit from having a single-source vendor for all of your testing needs- from plausibility and R&D to product development and quality control, as a comprehensive medical device testing partner.

Improved Time-to-Market

We provide a number of ready-to-use test automation frameworks that can help you speed up time to market and cut down on time spent on regression testing and data configuration.

Reduced Cost of Testing

To keep multiple testing goals in place and reduce testing costs to a considerable extent, we utilize the latest tools, technology and robust testing procedures.

The Process

Our Quality Engineering experts specialize in the testing and evaluation of medical equipment used by doctors, surgeons, ophthalmologists, endocrinologists, and cardiologists to ensure that all patients have a safe and secure experience. 

Our team is effective in assisting healthcare organizations with the testing of cloud, AI, and IoT-based medical and healthcare gadgets such as health monitoring smart watches, digitalized beds, and pet sterilizing equipment, among other things.

Compliance Testing 

We’ll ensure sure your systems meet the most recent, demanding government regulations for safety and convenience of use, as well as provide excellent customer service.

Protocol Testing

When it comes to medical device testing, custom procedures can be developed to generate and meet particular testing demands and criteria. We also provide digital quality assurance and consultancy services with a focus on quality, scalability, and reliability, among other things.

Security Testing

A team of security testing professionals is in charge of investigating vulnerabilities and potential breaches involving protected health information (PHI). We assist clients in reducing programmed risks by deploying out-of-the-box accelerators and AI/ML-based solutions, as well as proven techniques.

Medical Device Regulatory service

When it comes to medical device regulatory consultation, we take a unique approach- right from the early-stage design to commercialization. Our diverse team of professionals has a thorough knowledge of medical device product life cycle and the implications of various actions on regulatory success.

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Qualizeal assists it’s partner firms in integrating their native thinking into the digital medium by harnessing technology as an enabler to accelerate transformational engagements and leverage mainstream technologies with our AI-based solutions.

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