Functional Testing of Digital Applications

Ensure functional quality of your applications while accelerating your cycle time and customer loyalty.

QualiZeal’s End-to-End Functional testing services validate your software/application in accordance with the business and functional specifications. Our superior, industry-standard testing techniques and state-of-the-art tools and technology aid you in achieving the best-in-class customer experience.

Build a unified process, ensure consistent quality, and improve your go-to-market parameters with QualiZeal’s innovative and robust functional testing strategies.

50+ active clients who enjoy risk-free functional testing through our, team-oriented approach.

Superior collaboration

360-degree quality engineering services

Investments in unique technology accelerators to expedite the delivery of functional testing

What we do

We understand what it takes to deliver a premium software, application, or tool that bodes well with customer expectations and business initiatives and offers room for faster innovation. 


With QualiZeal’s robust functional testing services, you will be able to 

Get access to our wide team of test engineers with a vast analytical knowledge

Tap into our extensive software testing lab with state-of-the-art technology

Enjoy customized serviced tailored to suit your exact organizational needs


Unit Testing

Our team ensures that each application unit matches its requirements by focusing on writing tests that call the methods in each unit and validate them across their specific requirements.

Smoke Testing

Test your application’s functionality and user-friendliness and make sure that it works exactly as intended.

Regression Testing

Identify the changes that may occur in your application due to feature addition or bug removal to counter any adverse effects arising from these changes.

Beta/Usability Testing

Our team involves actual end-users who intend to use your application to ensure that the software that you develop fulfills the required action in a real-world scenario

Integration Testing

Ensure that every module of your application works in tandem with each other for a seamless user experience.

API Testing

Automated API testing strategies tailored to accelerate the intended time-to-market of your application.

Our Customized Services

Testing Mainline Functions

We test the primary functions of your application to confirm it is working as expected.

Basic Usability Testing

We test and confirm if the basic usability of your application’s system is working seamlessly. We ensure that the users can freely navigate through the layout without any issues.

Rapid Cross-Platform Deployment

Our team ensures that your application gains a wider market reach by simultaneously deploying it across multiple platforms and devices.

Accessibility Testing

We remove any restrictions in accessibility for specific users/demographic and make the application usable for all.

Error Conditions

We make sure that all the error messages are properly displayed as and where they are needed.

Your benefits

Functional testing accelerates the application development process and offers more time to market and reach out to a larger set of audience. Our partnership brings additional advantages, including:

Professional Solutions

Our experts verify the application's functionality using different scenarios derived from the realistic use-cases.

Improved Collaboration

Functional testers bring development, testing, and marketing teams on one platform and understand every expectation that goes into the application development.

Enhanced Security

Our team ensures that the application in development is secure and that it wouldn’t be exploited by any malicious attackers and hackers.

Extensive Testing Lab

We conduct all the tests in a state-of-the-art lab that is powered by automation and the latest tools.

Tailored Solutions

Functional Testers from QualiZeal would collaborate and understand your specific requirements based on which they will provide specific solutions that fit your expectations.

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