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The role of a quality engineering professional at QualiZeal goes beyond testing your application and keeping specific standards in mind. We ensure that your application works, is defect-free, and has superior quality over its counterparts. To achieve this, we offer functional testing to ensure that your application, website, or system is doing what it is supposed to do, and we test it from a user’s perspective. 

Functional testing heavily emphasizes the result of processing. We focus on simulation of actual system usage without developing any system structure assumptions. Our professionals also check the user interface, security, APIs, database, server application, and functionality during this exercise before confirming that the application is ready for launch in the market. 

Leverage QualiZeal’s in-depth quality engineering expertise to build high–quality and state-of-the-art applications. 

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We understand what it takes to deliver a premium software, application, or tool that bodes well with customer expectations and business initiatives and offers room for faster innovation.  

Our end-to-end quality engineering solutions explore various aspects through which we ensure that your software, mobile, or web applications deliver the performance and applications they were designed. Every client we work with gets customized support based on their expectations. Our full suite of Quality Engineering services helps you choose the right strategy, tools, and skills to achieve excellence in your domain.  



Unit Testing

It starts at the beginning of the development stage to ensure that each application unit matches its requirements. It heavily focuses on writing tests that call the methods in each unit and validate when they return value which is the actual requirement.

It is ideal for organizations that wish to keep their application development projects bug free from the beginning.


Smoke Testing

Smoke testing tests software’s major/critical functionalities in a non-comprehensive manner. Once we ensure that the application works as intended, we move on to the next set of tests.

Smoke testing is recommended if your primary concern is the application’s functionality and user-friendliness.


Regression Testing

Regression testing is performed to identify changes that may happen due to feature addition or bug removal. The primary agenda of regression testing is to counter adverse effects resulting from these changes.

It is always recommended when your application development phase goes through multiple quality engineering phases and bugs may pop up at any stage.


Beta/Usability Testing

Here, we involve the actual users who you intend to use the tool. Usability testing ensures that the tool will fulfill required actions in real-world scenarios as you expect.

Companies that value their customers and want to make them integral to the testing process should always opt for beta testing. It also creates an early interest in the product without any marketing expenses.


Integration Testing

We ensure that each module works in sync with others and doesn’t add any bugs to the application.

It is recommended for complex applications with multiple functionalities weaved into one, but you can always choose this to confirm that your application is bug-free and modules don’t contradict each other.


API Testing

We perform automated API testing, which accelerates the time intended to market the product.

If you plan to start working on a new product or the next version at the earliest, API testing is what you should opt for.

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how we can help you?

Our team of experts offer a strategy and roadmap to understand and define your testing development needs for clients based on their requirements, market expectations, and challenges. The team of SDETs addresses the complex layers of digital testing and helps your organization achieve faster growth and rapid progress than your competitors. 

We consider some key differentiators, which include market, expertise in domain-specific independent testing, etc. We will leverage the latest and high-end technologies to maximize your revenue. We bring many advantages along with our functional testing services: 

Superior collaboration 

360-degree quality engineering services

Cloud-powered support with the latest testing methodologies

Rapid cross-platform deployment

Rapid feedback and implementation

Core Testing Areas for Your Application


Mainline Functions

We test the primary functions of your application to confirm it is working as expected


Basic Usability

We test and confirm if the basic usability of your application’s system is working seamlessly. We ensure that the users can freely navigate through the layout without any issues



We remove any restrictions in accessibility for specific users/demographic and make the application usable for all. 


Error Conditions

We make sure that all the error messages are properly displayed as and where they are needed.

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Your Benefits

Functional testing accelerates the application development process and offers more time to market and reach out to a larger set of audience. Our partnership brings additional advantages, including:

Professional Solutions

Our experts verify the application’s functionality using different scenarios derived from the realistic use-cases.

Improved Collaboration

Functional testers bring development, testing, and marketing teams on one platform and understand every expectation that goes into the application development

Better Security

We also ensure that the application in development is secure and wouldn’t be exploited by a malicious actor through functional testing. Our team heavily emphasizes keeping your application free from security risks.

Extensive Testing Lab

We conduct all the tests in a state-of-the-art lab that is powered by automation and latest tools.

24*7 Support

Our team is ready to help you with your queries round the clock.

Tailored Solutions

Functional Testers from QualiZeal would collaborate and understand your specific requirements based on which they’ll provide specific solutions that fit into your expectations.

The Process

Our team would conduct a thorough assessment, keeping project risks and success factors as critical benchmarks. We will prioritize customer’s viewpoint and incorporate that perspective into application design, code, and tests.

Functional Requirements Collection

We list down the requirements and prioritize them accordingly. We also identify the tools that fit into the client’s expectations and goals in this stage.


We strategize on the best course of action and share our requirements based on the said strategy.

Perform Test Cases

Each testing phase is documented with results, defects, and next steps explained in detail. The status of the test is regularly shared with the client.

Test Closure

We share a detailed report with the client. The report contains a detailed explanation of what worked and what didn’t. There are suggestions provided based on our assessments and observations.

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Qualizeal assists it’s partner firms in integrating their native thinking into the digital medium by harnessing technology as an enabler to accelerate transformational engagements and leverage mainstream technologies with our AI-based solutions.

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