Cloud Migration Testing

Building and maintaining virtual test environments and simulating online traffic for software testing through extensive testing solutions.

Cloud Migration Testing

Technology transformation is becoming more important as pressure mounts to migrate infrastructure, software, and other enterprise activities to the cloud. Timeliness, security, and downtime are all concerns while migrating. Simultaneously, it gives a huge opportunity to go digital, save expenses, and improve infrastructure agility. 

QualiZeal offers active support to its clientele at all stages of their cloud migration as a long-term service. Our mission is to assist clients in enabling and using public and private cloud technologies so that they can generate long-term value and considerable infrastructure cost savings. This journey includes technology accelerators such as AI/ML, Analytics, and Automation. 

QualiZeal provides cloud migration testing solutions to assure smooth, uninterrupted, or impaired business operations and continuity.

what we do

Through our cloud migration testing services, you will gain assurance for your cloud migration process and overcome issues such as legacy apps, APIs, security compliances, government requirements, and more. 

With qualified cloud professionals, we assist you to provide fast, safe, and seamless cloud migration testing services. QualiZeal’s in-depth knowledge with large-scale migration projects enables it to recommend the best test strategies focused on the migration methodology being used.



Cost Optimization

Conversion of capital expenditures into operating expenses and proper scalability of computing resources and IT maintenance costs .


Enhanced Security

Application security and upgrade of IT infrastructure in accordance with best practices.


Convenience and accessibility

Applications and services are housed in a central area for quick and uninterrupted access, as well as enhanced team collaboration.


Leverage new technologies

Using AI/ML, data analytics, data lakes, and other complicated cloud-friendly apps and services.


Disaster Recuperation

In the event of a disaster, remote monitoring of systems in a secured virtual environment allows for a faster recovery of vital systems.

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how we can help you?

QualiZeal’s Medical Devices Testing CoE professionals assist in the verification and validation of software for surgical tools, contact lenses, and ultrasound scanners, orthopedic implants, and hemodialysis devices, as well as cardiac pacemakers. 

Our specialists are completely capable of assisting Clients in the testing of intelligent, AI-based medical and healthcare gadgets such as Smart Beds, sterilization gear, veterinary tool kits, and so on. Our medical testing and test automation solution helps us to offer high-quality products in a variety of areas, including scalability, automation, usability, regression, and localization.


Reduce the amount of disruption

ROQ’s extensive experience allows it to apply the appropriate level of rigor to the most crucial areas of strategy and planning, minimizing disruption to the wider landscape, managing risk, and lowering migration time and costs.


Sensitive information is safeguarded

Because our clients’ data is valuable, ROQ guarantees that they follow a tried-and-true transfer process to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and the security of sensitive data.


Make well-informed selections

Our independence allows us to give a credible and unbiased assessment of project risks and status, ensuring project integrity and guiding unbiased decisions.


Faster feedback – confirm migration success

Faster feedback and verification of a successful migration is achieved by ensuring strong regression and utilizing test automation where possible.


Make the most of your money

Because of ROQ’s flexible business approach, specialized talents are only offered when they are required, allowing you to get the most out of your investment.


User experience that is positive

ROQ ensures that your customers have a favorable experience by demonstrating the cloud software’s capacity through major performance testing.

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Your Benefits

QualiZeal assists businesses in navigating uncertainties by eliminating critical risks that could harm their bottom line. When shifting to the cloud, the type of project chosen – re-hosting, re-factoring, re-architecting, re-building, or replacement with SaaS – dictates the risks and, as a result, where testing should be focused. 

In addition to core testing services such as system integration testing, UAT support, performance testing, and test automation, QualiZeal’s cloud migration experience stances it well to provide assurance across the program, which will be critical to the business partner in improving compliance and control.

Effective risk management

Know what you’re going to test. Create a risk profile that considers time, cost, and quality.

Increased automation

In just a few minutes, you can put your fundamental business procedures to the test.Maintenance is simple and quick.

Analytical insights

Shift to the left based on what you’ve learned and how you’ve improved. Blockers should be identified and actions should be streamlined.

Improved Performance

End-user interaction and performance regression are improved across platforms.

The Process

Some of the most critical aspects of cloud migration include quality assurance and cloud migration testing. The move to the cloud is a strategic decision that should result in numerous advantages. It’s critical to ensure the new system’s quality and reliability, which we perform with cloud migration testing. 

The purpose is to test the entire system in order to avoid any difficulties with scalability, databases, integrations, and other aspects of the system that could result in serious system failures and damage to the brand’s reputation.

Application Functionality Validation

This includes determining whether the application is ready for cloud deployment. The purpose is to see if the application works properly. The software must meet the service level agreement’s requirements (SLA). Our experts validate the end-to-end functionality of the entire program and its external services in complicated SaaS systems.

Integration Testing

The system is structured on a microservice such that each component only accomplishes one thing. Devices are integrated and interconnected via APIs that are well-defined. We ensure interaction with third-party tools and services even in simpler systems where microservices architecture is not mandatory. .

Performance Testing

The most essential cloud benefits are performance and scalability. Our experts validate how the system functions under greater demand in order to achieve these benefits. Performance testing is carried out using specialist performance testing tools; if anything does not work as intended, we optimize the component in question. .

Security Testing

The major categories of cloud application testing are business process security testing, privacy and security testing, app transaction security testing, database privacy and data security testing.

QualiZeal’s security testing aids in the elimination of software system and application security vulnerabilities. Our main focus is on user validation, as well as data security in transit, use, and storage.

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Qualizeal assists it’s partner firms in integrating their native thinking into the digital medium by harnessing technology as an enabler to accelerate transformational engagements and leverage mainstream technologies with our AI-based solutions.

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