3rd Party Product Testing

Verify the Credibility of Third-Party Products – Boost Transparency and Trust with your Vendors

3rd Party Product Testing

Application development and testing methodologies use several third-party products that assist the engineers. These vendors are not directly connected with the organization. Their services are only limited to specific tools and products, making the development process hassle-free and cost-effective.

In most cases, the vendors hold a long-term presence in the market, so it is easy to verify their credibility. But as the market has become competitive and new vendors are making their presence felt, companies are lured to try a new tool with good features. Application development companies test these third-party products to verify the features and how much they align with their requirements. Still, it turns out to be an expensive process for organizations to do this independently.

Leverage QualiZeal’s in-depth quality engineering expertise with 100+ projects delivered globally. We conduct 3rd party product testing to make the application development roadmap easier for you. Our professionals also check the user interface, security, APIs, database, server application, and functionality of the 3rd party product during this exercise before confirming that it will support the product development process and provide a maximum advantage.

With Thorough Assessments and Analysis, QualiZeal’s Team of Experts Make Sure that Your Third-Party Products Will Fit into Your Team’s Capabilities and Deliver the Best Results

what we do

We leverage state-of-the-art tools to test your third-party applications to verify if the product fits your development team’s requirements. We follow the latest quality engineering methodologies ensuring that the product is thorough and cost-effective.



Vendor Management

Vendor management helps our clients control costs associated with application management. It also minimizes potential risks and ensures you’ll deliver excellent customer service.


Automation Testing

Automation testing eliminates the need for repeat testing and quickly verifies the product’s credibility. We use the latest tools that help us achieve the best results.



We test if the product of your choice adheres to regional and international compliances and regulations.

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how we can help you?

As one of the largest and most experienced companies providing quality engineering services, we help our clients increase their efficiency and application development capabilities. QualiZeal supports third-party product testing using the best open source and commercial tools. Our team follows a balanced approach to the testing process, meeting the client’s vision and end user’s requirements.

We consider some key differentiators while testing a third-party product. These criteria include market, expertise in domain-specific independent testing, etc. We also leverage the latest and high-end technologies to maximize your revenue.


Mainline functions

We test the primary parts of the selected third-party product to confirm it is working and will provide support as expected.


Basic Usability

We confirm the basic usability of the third-party product and ensure that it is working seamlessly.


Error Conditions

We ensure that all the error messages are correctly displayed so that the developers, testers, or any part of the development process don’t get lost while navigating through the features.

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Your Benefits

Third-party product testing dramatically impacts the application development process making it easy for the DevOps team to get the best results with the application when it is launched in the market. It allows us to determine the source of error faster in an increasingly complex system.

Reduced Cost of Testing

Third-party product testing done in-house can prove very expensive and time-consuming. With automated testing tools, we reduce testing time and deliver the results within a fraction of the time that your internal teams would take weeks to determine.

AI and ML Integration

Our Quality Engineering services are powered by AI and ML tools. These tools improve the results of product testing. It accelerates the development process, removing redundancies from the process.

Eliminate Human Errors

Reduce human errors by completely automating the third-party product testing process.

24*7 support

Our team is ready to provide support and help you with your queries round the clock.

The Process

Our team would thoroughly assess project risks and success factors as critical benchmarks during the entire third-party product testing process. We prioritize and incorporate your perspectives to ensure that the product fits your requirements and will empower your development teams to deliver the best results.

Realistic Timeline Set-up

We share the timelines for essential tasks before executing the third-party product testing process. We also determine activities and prerequisites and understand the client’s expectations to determine if their selected third-party product will deliver the expected results.

Testing Metrics and Criteria

We list the criteria and the metrics that would define successful testing of the third-party product. Memory usage, CPU usage, response time, compliance, etc., are calculated during this stage.

Test Cases

The results, defects, and possible rectifications/improvements are documented in all product testing phases. The results are regularly shared with the client.


Ultimately, our team approves or disproves the application based on the final results.

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Qualizeal assists it’s partner firms in integrating their native thinking into the digital medium by harnessing technology as an enabler to accelerate transformational engagements and leverage mainstream technologies with our AI-based solutions.

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