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“QualiCentral” is a fully customizable, highly configurable, and scalable software test automation execution planning and reporting portal. Central was created by QualiZeal to achieve quality at speed, delivery teams must improve and scale their software testing capabilities by testing early, often, automatically, and continuously by implementing continuous test automation capabilities.

qualicentral benefits
that will help you achieve more

100% customizable

Quality Engineering portal is fully customizable with your branding, company landing page, etc.

Role-based access​

Provides access to the right people and is customized for every individual in the team.


Build your own state-of-the-art Continuous test automation platform in just a few weeks by customizing the pre-built QualiZeal Quality Engineering platform.

Security compliance

Compliant with leading data and information policies guaranteeing safety and security of your test automation assets.

Scalable solution

Strategically designed to be simple, easy to scale across projects, teams, business units, number of users, test environments, etc.

Higher ROI

Quality Engineering platform enables you to select high-value and relevant tests on your chosen test environment(s) either on-premises or cloud

Predictive capabilities

Quality engineering platform can predict defects, test case pass rates, the time needed for execution, etc. by leveraging the algorithms of AI and ML.

On-premise / Cloud

Designed to be hosted either on-premise or cloud (public/private) based on your preference.

Predictive recommendations

Platform recommendation engines suggest the high-value tests that need to be executed based on the historical data and current project situation.

QE Playbook Portal ( QEP )

Test Methodologies



Sample Test Artifacts

Kickoff Checklist

Training Materials

knowledgehub portal ( khub )


Requirements Stability Scorecard

Requirements Testing Checklist

QE Studio ( QES )

Test Design Platform*

Test Planning & Execution Platform

QE Dashboard Portal

Universal Test Automation Framework ( UTAF )







QualiZeal assists it’s partner firms in integrating their native thinking into the digital medium by harnessing technology as an enabler to accelerate transformational engagements and leverage mainstream technologies with our AI-based solutions.

Security accelerators

Security Header Scanner

The Security Header is a QualiZeal’s in-house tool. All one needs to do is provide the target URL and hit the scan button, the tool will do the rest by crawling the web application to detect all the vulnerabilities related to HTTP security headers and save time in the security assessment work. It automatically verifies that the recommended security headers are set and that the headers are configured securely.

SSL Checker

SSL Checker checks the SSL issues. Just provide the target URL and hit the scan button, and the tool will do the rest by crawling the web application to detect vulnerabilities related to SSL/TLS versions. This tool can also verify that the SSL certificate on your web server is properly installed and trusted, displaying the common name, issuer, validity, and certificate chaining along with additional certificate details. Multiple websites can be checked simultaneously.

Test XSS

Just provide the target URL and hit the scan button to find the XSS vulnerability on the website. The tool is enabled to automatically detect input fields and insert payloads for a given URL. It scans for cross-site scripting vulnerabilities reflected in the GET and POST methods of the web application. It crawls all web application endpoints/URLs for a given domain and checks for the presence of reflected XSS vulnerability in each identified endpoint/URL, useful when the scope of a given domain is large.

Performance Testing

Problem Statement

  • Performance Engineering is time-consuming (to simulate workflows, Emulate Load, Create test data, the readiness of environment and executions) and Cost of tools (Load/Monitoring).
  • In CI/CD, Shift Left approach, the end-user website is not always ready early enough nor can we run in existing Production Environments
  • Delayed decision making – Post execution Reports and Results.
  • Reactive than Proactive.

Problem Statement

  • Tools are premium and require additional skills, training, and setup.
  • Free Load test tools are a myth. JMeter has limited capability and high infra needs with the free version. K6 is not free, and it has a limited landscape of support protocols (HTTP, gRPC, and Websockets).
  • None of the load tests currently give exact Client rendering experience, except for premium tools like LoadRunner and NeoLoad.
  • Slow Loading Website means loss of revenue, trust, and business.

Our Solution With QualiPro

(Assess Your Website right here and right now)

  • Can run anywhere, anytime on consumer-facing websites, to assess the end-user experience.
  • Gauge, identify, and evaluate the website performance quickly in under 5 minutes
  • Identify opportunities to fix the web app to make it faster much before any load test execution
  • No Infrastructure is required

Our Solution With QualiPro

(Assess Your Website right here and right now)

  • Can run on production URLs too
  • Can be run alongside a Load test to assess end-user experience in pre-prod environments
  • Uses APIs which evaluate against – Yahoo identified 34 rules that affect web page performance which is globally accepted by Google Page Speed Insights

What QualiPro is not:

  • Does not Assess the scalability, reliability, and availability of the System Under test
  • Not a replacement/alternative to any load test tools.
  • Is it the only tool of this kind – No, but the APIs are customized for our problem statement and independent companies are using the APIs for their sites internally for other problems.
  • Selenium WebDriver with JMeter is another solution, but scripting needs time/infra/skill and does not come error-free.

Next Steps:

  • Demo the application to the Leadership team.
  • Complete and fix the issue with Website Scoring
  • Enhance the Tool to adhere to QualiZeal Design Theme – Happenings Team
  • Ensure it goes into Quali Central on our Website
  • If the initial version is approved, will present it to the rest of the leadership team.


  • Availability of a developer to spend time fixing issues. Anoj is helping us with this from Prasad’s Team
  • Hosting it on our website as a web application incurs cost

Pre Cursor:

A World Class Performance Engineering @ QualiZeal, we are here to Assess/Provide solutions for some of the industry problems.


  • Please find the QualiPro Demo
  • Need to unzip it and run qzpage-speed-inside.exe

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